Mechanical Power Clamping Nut I Series MCA-S/MCA-T

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simple, manual operation with handle fast infeed motion due to automatic change over

Mechanical Power Clamping Nut I Series MCA-S/MCA-T









heat treated steel – nitro carburized
cover plate: high tensile aluminum

Technical data and dimensions [mm]: length dimensions according to DIN ISO 2768 mH

TypeNominal clamping force
threadmax. static load
screw-in depth
tmin / tmax
40M 10
M 12
M 16
M 20

notice: max. allowed temperature range: -30°C up to +90°C

Property class of threaded bolt should be at least Q10.9. Sizes of thread larger than M 16, should use a property class of Q 12.9, or the max. static load must be reduced. For optical control of actual screw-in depth of the T-bolt, two grooves are cut into the housing circumference matching tmin and tmax. When laying out the actual screw-in depth of the threaded bolt, the necessary stroke must be considered i. e. the max. specified screw-in depth must be reduced by at least the amount of the stroke.

Application example:
MCA-T-clamping nut for adjustment of test bench sliding table

Ordering example: MCA-S – M 16 / MCA-T – M 20