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handling Award 2017

1. Rank
Force Monitoring System FMS

Category: Quality and Safety
For the fourth time, the editorial staff of the “handling” received their prize, the “handling award”
the Motek 2017.
An independent jury of experts from the industry examined the applications and voted on
October 10 in Stuttgart the winners. It honors outstanding innovations in the
Categories Handling and assembly, automation and robotics, quality and safety
as well as storage, picking, transhipment and transport.

In the field of “Quality and Safety”, JAKOB Antriebstechnik GmbH was awarded the prize for
the further developed Force Monitoring System FMS.
MM Award 2017

1. Rank
Force Monitoring System FMS

Category: Clamping elements
For the sixth time already, the leading industrial magazine “MM MaschinenMarkt”
World Leading Trade Fair for Metalworking “EMO Hannover 2017 ten” MM Awards
“by categories as well as two special awards for outstanding innovations from the
industry. The prerequisites: The innovation had to be on a completely new
development resp a further development or improvement which is substantially
different from the state of the art technology. The seven-man jury of the specialist
editorial “MM MaschinenMarkt” evaluated the submissions according to the degree
of innovation as well as their benefits for users, the environment and society.

MM Award 2017 (german)
Video from MM Awards (german)


Best of Industry Award 2016
Motor-Spindle Safety System MS³

Category: drive technology
MM MaschinenMarkt rewards the best of the best. Products had to be either already
rewarded with an industrial award or they did get an outstanding feedback in the
market before.

Best of Industry Award
Auszeichnungen JAKOB Antriebstechnik

Best of 2015
Motor-Spindle Safety System MS³

Category: production & machine engineering
The Huber Verlag für neue Medien GmbH rewards companys with high economical, social,
technological and ecological value.

Industriepreis 2015
Auszeichnungen JAKOB Antriebstechnik
intec award

2. rank
Motor-Spindle Safety System MS³

Category: Companys up to 100 employees
The Intec prize is awarded by Leipziger Messe to honor outstanding innovations in
production technology, tool and special-purpose machinery construction segments.
The Intec-Award for promoting young talents is presented to recognize the innovative
and entrepreneurial achievements of young professionals.

Intec Award 2015
Auszeichnungen JAKOB Antriebstechnik
MM award

Motor-Spindle Safety System MS³

category: periphery
MM Award 2010 (german)