safety couplings – torque limiters

safety couplings - torque limiters

safety couplings – torque limiters

torque limiters for indirect drivesTorque limiters for indirect drives

Characteristics: parallel drive over gear wheel or toothed belt

Safety couplings for indirect drives are used as torque limiters and as overload protection. The modular safety coupling system offers different solutions for specific requirements. Pulleys, gears and flanges can be mounted on the coupling to customize it for the application.
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Sicherheitskupplungen für direkte AntriebeTorque limiters for direct drives

Characteristics: coaxial main drive pinion » wave — wave

Safety couplings for direct drives can be attached to metal bellows, elastomer spiders or membrane hubs tocreate a safety coupling capable of compensating shaft misalignment.
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torque limiters for special solutionstorque limiters for special solutions

JAKOB offers additional series with the following characteristics.
• with special blocking mechanism
• with tandem bearing
• customized hub versions and dimensions
• special or stainless steel design
• special re-engaging functions (e. g. vertical drive axis)