servo couplings – shaft couplings

servo couplings - shaft couplings

servo couplings – shaft couplings

Metal Bellows Couplings

Metal bellows couplings guarantee a zero backlash torque transmission with extremely high
torsional stiffness and a low moment of inertia. Different types of bellows, conical bushings
and clamping hubs are available for different applications.

Characteristics of Metal bellows couplings:
• torque range up to 50.000 Nm
• high torsional stiffness
• temperatures of up to 350°C
• patented connection method
• high speed
• optional: stainless steel
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Elastomerkupplungen v2
Elastomer couplings – Claw couplings

Elastomer couplings are flexible shaft couplings for small to medium torques, which are backlash
free and can be plugged. An elastomer spider serves as connection and compensation element
with high shore hardness. The elastomer spider can compensate slight shaft misalignments, is
electrically insulating and possesses good oscillation dampening characteristics.

Characteristics of Elastomer couplings:
• torque range up to 2.000 Nm
• excellent dampening capabilities
• cost effective
• blind assembly possible
• temperatures of up to 120°C
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Miniature couplings

Miniature couplings are available in three different designs. You can choose between metal
bellows-, elastomer-, and Oldham-type-couplings. The area of application includes high speed
indicators, step motors, potentiometers, linear units, servo drives and shaft encoders.

Characteristics of Miniature couplings:
• excellent dampening capabilities (with elastomer spider)
• high temperatures (with metal bellows)
• blind assembly (with elastomer spider)
• low cost version
Distance couplings – Line shafts length up to 6m

This category is comprised of couplings which can span axial distances of up to 6 m length. The
common main features of all available types are an intermediate pipe and a metal bellow part
which is variable in length and can fit required applications of the customer exactly.

Characteristics of Distance couplings:
• variable length of up to 6m
• high torsional stiffness
• low moment of inertia
• high speed
• temperatures of up to 300°C
• low cost version
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Stainless steel couplings
Stainless steel couplings – Line shafts length up to 6m

JAKOB Antriebstechnik offers some series in stainless steel versions. One of the strengths of the material is its resistance to chemicals, such as those used for cleaning in the food industry