In 1971, Ludwig Jakob founded the company JAKOB Maschinenteile as a part-time job in Kleinwallstadt. Two years later, JAKOB produces resolver measuring gears and simple bellows couplings with feather key connections. A year later, the KSS coupling is developed and patented. With the KSS coupling, the principle of the non-positive shaft-hub connection is used for the first time. Even today, this principle finds many imitators. Finally, the company’s own assembly and quality assurance begins. In 1977, the first safety coupling was developed that compensated for shaft misalignment. This SKA type coupling was presented with great success at the EMO in Hanover in the same year. A first expansion of production takes place with the move into the production hall in Dieselstraße and the establishment of a development department for optoelectronics. The first portable optoelectronic handwheels are presented in 1982. In 1983 the move to the new administration building at Dieselstrasse 8 took place. Five years later, JAKOB acquires a majority stake in Optima Spanntechnik in Scheuerfeld. The second expansion followed in 1989 with the relocation of production to the new, larger production hall at Daimler Ring 42. In the 1990s, other companies were acquired, such as OTT Maschinentechnik in Lengenwang in the Allgäu (1993) and GPA in Karlsruhe (1995) and IPT Ion and Plasma Technology in Kaiserslautern (1998). In addition, the company JAKOB Vacuum Technology was founded in 1995. The new administration building in Daimler Ring 42 in Kleinwallstadt is occupied in 1999 – in addition to JAKOB Antriebstechnik and JAKOB Vakuumtechnik, the companies IPT ionen and plasma technology and ENEMAC also move into the new building.

Two years later, the ALLMATIC tension systems company was acquired, which moved to the new property in Unterthingau in 2005. In the same year, the new OTT-Jakob administration building is opened in Lengenwang. The company Trenkle +Schneider in Pfronten was taken over in 2006, which in 2013 was merged with Multitec, which had been acquired the year before, to form Multitec-JAKOB. While OTT-Jakob’s extended production hall was opened in Lengenwang in 2011, the company IPT Ion and Plasma Technology was sold again. In March 2013, Rupert Hohm, previously a long-term assistant to the management, was appointed managing director of JAKOB Antriebstechnik.

JAKOB Antriebstechnik currently employs around 45 people.


1971 • Founding of JAKOB GmbH

1973 • Production of resolver feedback units and simple bellow couplings with keyways.

1974 • Development and patenting of the KSS coupling.
The principle of a frictional connection was used world-wide for the first time. Even today this
principle is widely used for reliable and long lasting connections.

1975 • Started its own assembly and quality assurance.

1977 • Development of the first safety coupling, which compensates shaft misalignements (Type SKA).
Presentation of the SKA safety coupling at the EMO 77 in Hannover with great success.

1977 • Moved to the new plant at Dieselstrasse 8.

1979 • Started a development department for opto-electronic components.

1982 • Presentation of the portable opto-electronic hand wheels.

1983 • Moved to the new administration building at Dieselstrasse 8.

1988 • Acquisition of a controlling interest in Optima Spanntechnik GmbG, Scheuerfeld.

1989 • Move of the production to the new and substantially larger plant at Daimler Ring 42.

1993 • Acquisition of OTT Maschinentechnik GmbH, Lengenwang.

1995 • Acquisition of GPA Pressenautomation GmbH, Karlsruhe.

1995 • Founding of JAKOB Vakuumtechnik.

1998 • Acquisition of IPT Ionen- und Plasmatechnik, Kaiserslautern.

1999 • Move of JAKOB Antriebstechnik, JAKOB Vakuumtechnik, IPT Ionen und Plasmatechnik, and
ENEMAC to the new administration building at Daimler Ring 42, Kleinwallstadt.

2001 • Acquisition of ALLMATIC Spannsysteme, Kempten.

2005 • Move of ALLMATIC-Jakob to the new property in Unterthingau.

2005 • Opening of OTT-Jakob’s new administrative building in Lengenwang.

2006 • Acquisition of Trenkle und Schneider, Pfronten.

2010 • New building T+S Jakob factory 2 in Unterthingau

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