clamping elements

clamping elements

clamping elements

mechanische Spannelemente newMechanical clamping elements

Efficient manufacturing of parts in the metal-cutting and metal-forming industry without quick clamping
elements is inconceivable nowadays. JAKOB clamping elements meet these requirements perfectly due
to their various force amplifying systems. They are a true alternative to conventional clamping elements
as well as expensive half or fully automatic clamping systems.

• high clamping forces
• high operational safety
• simple manual operation
• compact and flexible design
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mechanische Kraftspannspindel MSP MSPD Überblickbild

KSK Anwendung 2 Überblickbild
Power clamping screws

– mechanical
– hydromechanical
JAKOB clamping screws were conceived for highest demands and maximum workpiece weights with best
possible operational reliability in mind right from the start. The user can choose between single- and
double-acting designs. The screws are equally suitable for external and internal clamping. JAKOB clamping
screws are used in faceplates or clamping discs on vertical-, horizontal-, center-, facing- and roll turning
lathe, in grinding- and special-machines.

• enormous clamping force
• maximal reliability, high rigidity
• large clamping stroke
• simple manual operation
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hydromechanische Federspannsysteme ÜberblickHydro-mechanical spring clamping systems

The piston assembly (pulling or pushing version) is exposed to the interaction of cup spring force and
hydraulic pressure.The clamping force is exerted by a pre-stressed spring cup.The hydraulic pressure is
only required for the release stroke of the elements by which the pull stud/pressure piece is released.
This system ensures a very high factor of safety since the clamping force generated is independent from
oil pressure and unaffected by leakage.

• mechanical clamping-hydraulical release
• high operational safety
• leakproof and robust
• economical clamping solution
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Kraftmesssystem HMD miniForce Measurement

The holding force of a clamping device during mechanical tooling is of special importance. It is relevant
for tooling quality, but also for the safety of the operator, the workpiece and the machine tool.
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