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Clamping elements

HOW TO USE - Clamping nuts

Correct use of clamping nuts. Very fast and easy!
FMS modification from standard claw to FMS s

A standardized clamping jaw can be modified in just a few steps to a "FMS s".
Thus, even during operation, constant data can be sent wirelessly to the machine control,
laptop or hand-held display.
MSP/MSPD - mechanical power clamping screw

JAKOB power clamping spindles are suitable for installation in jaw boxes or for direct mounting in
Faceplates of vertical, horizontal, plane, top and roll lathes.
Mechanical power clamping screw SC

The mechanical power clamping screw SC from JAKOB Antriebstechnik offers a sensible alternative
where quickly large clamping forces must be applied by hand, and where else normal
screws are used. Due to the sophisticated power amplification enormous clamping forces can be built
without large tools.
The worker is relieved and the work safety can be significantly improved.
Mechanical power clamping nut MDA

Functionality of the Mechanical power clamping nut MDA.
Force Monitoring System FMS

The intelligent clamping claw (FMS - Force Monitoring System) transmits clamping forces via W-LAN
to a display device, a laptop or an antenna for connection to the machine control.

Sectional rail couplings

Sectional rail coupling PKV

JAKOB sectional rail couplings can be used in conjunction with all common profile rails.
They can be attached directly or by means of adapter plate to existing rails and are suitable also for
retrofits. The separation to the exchange rail can be both vertical and horizontal. The patented,
force-enhancing wedge-clamping mechanism closes joint gaps of up to 5mm between active and
passive part and ensures high rigidity and precision of the connection. The clamping force generation
is triggered by an electrical clamping status query and a minimum clamping force at pressure drop is
Sectional rail coupling PKH

Automatic sectional rail coupling PKH for horizontal joining of rails at transfer systems.

Safety couplings

SKB-F - freischaltende Sicherheitskupplung

Sicherheitskupplungen sind als Sollbruchstelle, Kollisionsschutz oder zur Überlastbegrenzung in einem
direkten oder indirekten Antriebststrang konzipiert.
SKB-KP - Schnelle Fakten

Important facts about the safety coupling SKB-KP in just a few seconds.

Motor spindle safety system MS³


The Motor-Spindle Safety System MS³ protects spindles from high force peaks by
disconnecting the power transmission immediately. It works energy-autarkic, quicker
than mere electrical process monitoring systems and absorbs the kinetic impact energy.
It's maintenance free, resets automatically and increases the machine availibility.
By reducing machine downtime and repair costs the MS³ can save you a lot of money.

MS³ im Praxistest in einem vertikalen Bearbeitungszentrum am PTW der TU Darmstadt.
Radiale und axiale Kollisionen werden entschärft, Kraftspitzen abgebaut, keine Schäden
an den empfindlichen Komponenten der Motorspindel.


MM Award FMS

Jakob Antriebstechnik convinces with a wireless force monitoring FMS PAD for
large-area machining, which shows and supervises the clamping force situation
between workpiece and workpiece carrier.