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MDR / MDR-F - power clamping nut

• side operation
• low profile
• with through-hole thread
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Motor-Spindle Safety System

Tool collisions with high feed rates cause high impact force peak values on
motor-spindles in metal cutting machine tools. As a result, five-figure US-$
amounts for repair and servicing of heavy collision damaged motor-spindle
systems and machine tools are common. In the case of a collision caused
overload, the newly developed motor-spindle safety system from JAKOB
immediately disconnects the power transmission at the interface between
the machine tool headstock and the motor-spindle through 3D-displacement.
Therefore the shock-sensitive components of the motor-spindle are
effectively protected from the peak impact forces of the tool collision.

Construction features:
• No external power sources needed
• High holding forces
• High stiffness for guaranteed performance
• Kinetic energy from shock load is absorbed through dampening element
• Integrated sensor for position control
• High re-engagement accuracy
• Automatic re-engagement
• Reduced machine downtime for increased productivity
• Available for all motor spindle designs and dmensions
• Maintenance-free
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Kraftmesssystem HMD miniHydraulic Force Measuring System HMD

Hydraulic load cells of the HMD series are robust measuring instruments that
gauge axial compressive forces with median accuracy. The force is transferred
by pressure pistons analogously and via the hydraulic fluid to a manometer
with a kN-indicator scale. The measuring system is autarkic so there is no need
for external or supplemental power. Therefore, static and dynamic forces can be
detected in numerous applications of the entire spectrum of mechanical
engineering in an easy and economical way.

Construction features:
• autarkic system - no external power
• heat treated steel - corrosion resistant
• multi piston system - compensation of erroneous angle
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FMS - Force Monitoring System

The intelligent clamping jaw FMS from JAKOB Antriebstechnik allows for the
constant monitoring of clamping forces not only during machine set-up, but
also during actual processing. The claw monitors forces and transmits the
telemetrically to a handheld device, a laptop with USB reception stick, or directly
to machine control. The holding force of clamping elements is relevant for both
safety and quality. The operator can set a threshold clamping force. If clamping
force falls below this threshold, an alarm signal is generated, which can, for example,
be used as an emergency-stop-signal for a machine.

Advantages of using the FMS:
• monitoring of clamping force during machine set-up
• monitoring of clamping force during processing
• no downtime due to clamping force checking
• higher operational safety due to alert in case of clamping force loss
• higher operational safety during long-term processing
• flexibility thanks to wireless transmission of data
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