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new products

WDB – Metal bellows coupling with intermediate pipe
• variable lengths from 55 to 300 mm
• without additional intermediate storage
• backlash-free, precise torque transmission
• special symmetrical clamping hub with high balancing quality and for high operating speeds
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Distance coupling Simple-Flex

• up to 6m length without additional intermediate storage
• no compensating coupling elements necessary
• Conical clamping hub, symmetrical on both sides, or
Optional easy-to-assemble half-shell hub
• Two tube sizes up to torques of 1000Nm
• Temperature range up to + 100 ° C
Motor-Spindle Safety System

Tool collisions with high feed rates cause high impact force peak values on
motor-spindles in metal cutting machine tools. As a result, five-figure US-$
amounts for repair and servicing of heavy collision damaged motor-spindle
systems and machine tools are common. In the case of a collision caused
overload, the newly developed motor-spindle safety system from JAKOB
immediately disconnects the power transmission at the interface between
the machine tool headstock and the motor-spindle through 3D-displacement.
Therefore the shock-sensitive components of the motor-spindle are
effectively protected from the peak impact forces of the tool collision.

Customer benefits:
• Safely protects against spindle damage
• Increases machine availability
• Detects tool collisions

Construction features:
• Faster than purely electronic process monitoring systems
• High adhesive forces and system rigidity for reliable processing
• Automatic resetting of the motor spindle with high precision
• Maintenance free
• Adaptable to all common motor spindle geometries
• Absorption of the kinetic impact energy by dampers
• Integrated query of the deflection state for emergency stop
• Energy self-sufficient, passive active principle
• Increase in machine availability
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